If you have a claim or suspect a possible claim, please follow the steps detailed below to make sure your insurance coverage is put into effect. Your prompt action in completing all the steps below is crucial to your claim being serviced in a timely and accurate manner.

What to do in an emergency involving a horse:

Please take care of your horse first, including contacting a qualified veterinarian. Once the situation is addressed and/or stabilized, contact your insurance carrier or LEGIS in as timely a manner as possible. Please note your insurance contract requires prompt notification of any injury or illness. If your horse dies, you must have a necropsy (autopsy) performed to determine cause of death. You may phone LEGIS on our direct line at 866-780-3713. If it is after business hours, choose the emergency option on our answering service. You will be directed to an after-hours emergency mailbox and a representative will respond in a timely manner. Please remember to leave your phone number so we can call you back.


You can contact your specific insurance carrier or claims representative. Please try to have your policy number and veterinarian's phone number available when you call. When notifying LEGIS or your carrier of a claim involving your horse, please include:

    • Policy number
    • Name of the horse
    • Nature of the loss
    • Date of loss
    • Name and contact information for the attending veterinarian
    • Insured's name and contact information

The best way to hasten the time between a loss and a payment is to give the company adjuster a prompt response to all requests for specific items or further details. In addition, a quick response from the attending veterinarian including forms or documents needed by the claims adjuster is very helpful in expediting a claim.

If you would like to report a claim directly to the insurance company or the designated claims adjuster, you can find the number on your claims card. Below please find a list of carriers and claims adjusters. If you call a carrier or adjuster directly, make sure you call the correct carrier or adjuster.

National Equine Adjusters 800-783-9418
American Equine Insurance Group  
Richard Ketch Equine 800-732-6012
The XL Group  
BritAmerican Group  
Great American Insurance Group 800-331-0211
The Hartford 800-295-1815
Independent Adjusters 888-523-5878
Market Scout


What to do in an incident regarding damage or loss to real property, equipment, injury to person on your property or during your event, or possible liability claim:

Please take appropriate steps to reduce or mitigate any further damage from occurring. Please make sure all people and animals are safe. Please notify authorities as appropriate. Once you have taken these and other appropriate steps, please notify LEGIS during business hours in as timely a fashion as possible. Please have relevant facts and information pertaining to the incident or accident available when you call LEGIS: 866-780-3713.

You may also call your carrier directly

Argonaut or AEIG 800-783-9418
Note: above handled by National Equine Adjusters  
Allianz 800-870-8857
American Bankers Insurance Co. 800-483-8666 ext. 253
Chubb Agribusiness 866-927-7475
Great American Insurance Group 800-567-7359
Travelers Insurance Co. 800-238-6225
State Compensation Insurance Fund 888-782-8338

You may find the following guidelines helpful in accident reporting procedures:

1. Obtain all accident details.
2. Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses.
3. Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of police, fire, medical or hospital authorities.
4. Call and report any incidents to your insurance carrier's claims department.
5. Use your cell phone or a camera to take any pictures that might be helpful.
6. Make written notes as soon as possible and/or prepare a diagram.

1. Divulge information with regard to insurance coverage.
2. Admit responsibility for the accident or injury.
3. Discuss accident or injury with anyone other than your insurance representative or someone authorized by your carrier. Do answer questions from authorized emergency personnel.